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We would love to hear your opinion of our page.  Please email us at:

We are looking for:

*Pictures of you with the players (we are putting together some picture pages of you the FANS with the players if anyone would like to be included on this page with your favorite player please email us with a scanned copy of the picture and anything you would like to tell us about yourself)
*Pictures of the players on or off the ice (we are always looking for new pictures - if you took them please let us know and we will give you full credit)
*Stories you may have that you would like to share with us (maybe the first time meeting a player, attending your first game, or even thoughts on the upcoming season)
*IDEAS (if you have any suggestions for our page please let us know - we are always looking for any ideas you may have - tell us what you would like to see on the next update of our page)
*New Links (if you yourself have your own Flyers Team Page or Player page please email us - we will add a link to your page on our site - the more the better)